David De Gea Has Been Sent Home From Euro 2016 After Being Implicated In The Rape Of A Minor

David De Gea

Not the best way to start the tournament.

Shocking news is emerging today at the start of Euro 2016 as it turns out that David De Gea might be getting sent home after he was implicated in a sex scandal.

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The news comes after a protected witness was giving evidence about a Spanish producer who goes by the name of Torbe. He was jailed last April on charges of human trafficking for sexual exploitation, sexual assault, child pornography relating to prostitution, extortion and money laundering, but the police are still investigating many of his crimes which is why this has come about.

The witness is alleging that she was taken to a hotel room where she was abused by two footballers, one of which has been named as Athletic Bilbao’s Iker Muniain whilst the identity of the other is still unknown at this point. De Gea was apparently implicated in arranging the incident, and it’s also alleged that he was set to receive a video of Torbe raping a minor.

Here’s what a translation of the article from Spanish newspaper El Diario says (courtesy of Twitter user @serendipities):

David De Gea

There’s an ongoing case against a porn producer who was trafficking and abusing women in Spain.

They’re calling it “The Torbe Case”. A protected witness testified that she was taken to a hotel where she was abused by 2 footballers.

Torbe forced her into the encounter, claiming she was going to be paid very well. Muniain and an unnamed footballer sexually assaulted her.

De Gea was apparently the one who called Torbe for her services. They kept in touch afterwards because they were trying to keep her quiet.

She says that later on, De Gea also tried to arrange another encounter with 5 Man Utd players but there’s no proof this ever happened.

However, De Gea is mentioned in another Torbe related incident where a minor claims that she was raped by Torbe and…

That this was recorded so that it could be sent to De Gea and other Athletic Bilbao players.

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Jesus that’s some heavy shit right there. Guillem Balague is reporting that De Gea is still at the hotel with his teammates and will be facing a trial at some point in the near future, but other news outlets are reporting that he’s been sent home in disgrace. It’s going to be interesting to see how this develops and how it affects the Spain squad. What an absolutely terrible bombshell to drop on the eve of the tournament.

And what about David De Gea? He always seemed like a good guy but now I think about it there’s something shifty in his eyes – could he actually be responsible for this?

I suppose at least he wasn’t organising one of those HIV parties that seem to be happening these days.


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