David Cameron’s DVD Collection


Everyone knows your DVD collection is the measure of how cool you are in the eyes of your peers. So how cool is the Prime Minister?

One of the unexpected side effects of Barack Obama‘s current European visit is a chance to check out the DVD collection of our current Prime Minister David Cameron. Everybody knows that your DVD collection is pretty much the universal indicator of how cool you are – you know, every time you go round to one of your mate’s houses you’ll check out their DVD collection, turning your nose up when they own something like Maid In Manhattan or Cellular and nodding approvingly for every Japanese  horror movie like Oldboy or R-Point that they own. An official White House photograph of Samantha Cameron and Michelle Obama in the Cameron’s Downing Street apartment captured their DVD collection in the background. Here’s the official picture:


But you can also get a close up of the DVD shelves, although they aren’t THAT clear you can definitely make out a couple of titles within David Cameron’s DVD collection. Check it out below and see what you can spot (click to enlarge):

We managed to spot a couple of seasons of 24, Lost, Desperate Housewives, Ugly Betty, Band of Brothers, as well as Armageddon, Scream and a Star Wars boxset but most of the DVD collection was disappointingly too hard to make out. So really on this evidence it would seem that David Cameron would probably fall into the category of the friend who has kinda OK movie taste but never really dips into anything other than major movie releases, instead preferring to watch shitty boxsets of series that generally suck – although obviously Band of Brothers is an exception to that. I probably wouldn’t want to be friends with David Cameron, if I was deciding on the basis of his DVD collection. I don’t really want to be friends with him given his political manifesto either.

His DVD collection really invites a couple of big question though: with such a big DVD collection and most of them being massive box sets, how the hell does David Cameron fit in time to run the country? Oh yeah, that’s right, he doesn’t really. And are the US shows in a prominent position in his DVD collection especially for Obama’s visit? Probably. Suck up. If you can spot any other titles, let us know.


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