David Attenborough Producer Tells Family ‘I Want You To Die’ In Insane Road Rage Rant

Fergus Beeley road rage

This really is next level.

A producer for David Attenborough’s famous documentaries has been filmed getting out of his car on the M27 in Hampshire before going on an absolutely insane rant at a family during a road rage incident.

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It’s not entirely clear who was in the wrong here, but regardless of what happened on the motorway, there is absolutely no justification for Fergus Beeley’s obscenely angry rant – he even starts having a go at an 11-year-old kid. I won’t go into too much detail and let you see for yourself:

How embarrassing – why did he keep saying “you’re under a citizen’s arrest” when clearly he was the one who was being abusive? And then to start telling the family that he wants them dead and having a go at the kid? It really is the most intense road rage I think I’ve ever seen with regards to verbal abuse.

It’s even more embarrassing because he’s semi-famous so this story has gone more viral than if it were a regular person. Beeley has been working for the BBC for nearly 30 years and has helped produce some of David Attenborough’s documentaries including ‘Planet Earth’. Hopefully he treats his co-workers better than he treated this family – David would be so ashamed.

The police were eventually called to the scene, but both men decided not to pursue a complaint. I guess Beeley had cooled down by then, but he’s probably piping up again after seeing how viral this video has gone. Gutted mate.

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