Video Footage Emerges Of Dapper Laughs Telling Woman She’s ‘Gagging To Be Raped’

Dapper Laughs

Probably not the best time for this to come out.

We ran a story on Friday about Dapper Laughs and how he was basically a sexist dickhead who made fun of the homeless that seemed to get a lot of you pretty heated. Well guess what? It’s turned out that he’s an even bigger dickhead than we first imagined. Who would have thought it right?

The footage comes from Dapper Laughs’ stand up show at the Scala last month. The clip is 20 minutes long so here are some of the best (sic) bits if you can’t be bothered to listen through to 20 minutes of that crap:

If you’re offended by it, don’t f***ing watch it. My mum don’t give a fuck about my TV show, she thinks it’s good fun. Some women get offended.  I don’t give a f***. They write all these articles about my jokes but I can’t f***ing read. C***s.

They wrote this one saying it was an alamac (we think he means almanac, it’s not clear whether this a joke) that it was a guide, that it’s a rapist’s go-to guide. I filled six episodes, half an hour each episode, right. If it was a f***ing guide to rape I would have done one five minute episode… Go down the shop, get some rope, a bit of duct tape, rape the b****, well done, see you later.

If this wasn’t gross enough, Dapper Laughs then turned his attention to women in the audience, and got really creepy and leery which only serves to accentuate his current horrendous reputation.

Is that your bird? Do you want me to loosen her up for you? You’re gagging for a rape. We”ll have a chat afterwards. Do you want to come back stage after? Bring two of your mates, you’ll need them.

Eww. Joking about rape isn’t ever funny dude, in fact it’s downright horrific. Go back to your native Essex watering hole and immediately buy a round of Jagerbombs and don’t ever come back. You can watch him be a prick in the clip below if you so desire:

Ironically, this footage has emerged the same day that Dapper Laughs has released a statement defending his unique brand of comedy. If you care what this pea brained and probably pea dicked moron has to say then you can check it out below, but as you’ve probably guessed it’s not even really an apology, just an acknowledgement that he’s an asshole basically:

I think it’s important that if we overstep the mark and cause upset that we apologise.

I’d like to say sorry to those people who I have upset by my comments.


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