Danny Dyer Is Set To Appear On ‘People Just Do Nothing’

Diamond geezer.

Danny Dyer is allegedly set to appear in a cameo role in the BBC mockumentary series ‘People Just Do Nothing’.

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I honestly couldn’t think of a more suitable role for the world’s top geezer. Dyer has apparently always been a fan of the comedy show, which follows pirate Garage station Kurupt FM and it’s this admiration that has earned him a position as a DJ and MC.

People just do nothing

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A ‘source’ told the Daily Star (probably best to take these quotes with a pinch of salt):

Danny met the boys at the Baftas and congratulated them on a deserving win.

It has promoted discussions to thank him by giving him a role in the series.

Danny’s natural banter would fit in with the lads.

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As said, you can never know 100% if these sources are reliable, but one thing that is true is that Dyer would definitely fit into the show nicely. Hopefully this comes true in the next series of PJDN.

For more proof of why Danny Dyer is the ‘King of the Geezers’, click HERE.


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