Danny Dyer Gets Interviewed, On Acid

Danny Dyer

I probably wouldn’t need to do acid to have a fun time talking to Danny Dyer, although it would probably make it more fun.

Danny Dyer

Vice have this series where they do (relatively) normal stuff like go to the London Fashion Show and Chessington World of Adventures and a Lauryn Hill concert (I did say relatively normal) and a bunch of other things I can’t remember right now, but the catch is they’re doing them whilst they’re on LSD. Then they film or photoblog the results. Killer idea right? I can vouch for it – once I went to Ripley’s Believe It Or Not on ketamine and it was a fvcking blast, although it was really hard to get through that spinning tunnel at the end. Like, really hard.

Anyway, the next logical progression was obviously to interview Danny Dyer on acid. Vice hit us up and asked us to post this interview because they figured it would probably be the kind of thing that Sick Chirpse readers would be totally into. Well, it’s fair enough to assume that we love Danny Dyer at Sick Chirpse and we would probably love LSD too if we had ever done it (I’ve never actually done it, hit me up if you know where to get some @timw_brap) so yeah fair play Vice, you know us too well and here for your viewing pleasure is an interview with Danny Dyer by some girl on acid.

The interview itself is pretty funny, but the best thing about it is how the interviewer girl looks like she’s on acid before she’s even done any. I guess that’s East London for you.  It would be cooler if it was a bit longer, like most of the video is just the girl coming up in the taxi on the way to the interview and trying to come up with questions to ask Danny Dyer, but I would just prefer more stone cold Danny Dyer action to be honest. His looks at the cameraman throughout are pretty awesome though, as is the way he just effortlessly rolls with the questions as they become more and more ridiculous. Danny Dyer is just such a geezer y’know.

I don’t really wanna type out what happens because that would spoil it so I guess your best bet is just to check it out below. Oh yeah, the interview was to promote a new Danny Dyer movie called Deviator where for once he doesn’t play himself but instead plays an escaped serial killer who uses a shank that’s a toothbrush that’s melted down and has two razor blades in it as a weapon. No jokes, check it out in the bargain bin of your local supermarket soon.


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