Danish Electrician Gets Fired After Posting Health & Safety Violations On Facebook

Whistle-blower fired for whistle blowing. Standard.

Mucking about at work is par for the course. Yes, they pay you a wage, but no, they don’t pay you enough and no, they can’t have your soul. If you don’t partake in a bit of tom foolery every so often you’d lose your marbles run amok, go postal and finish of with some berzerking.

That being said, dropping a tea bag in your colleague’s coffee or coating a co-worker’s keyboard in moisturising cream isn’t putting anyone in danger of death. The following story is slightly more worrying.

A Danish electrician has been fired from his day job for posting up photos of hideous health and safety violations to his FB page. No one likes the overblown health and safety nanny, for instance, I run up the stairs every single day and I am still alive. But, and this is a rather large ‘but’, this electrician documents some rather nasty H&S errors at the construction site of a new Danish Metro station. The sorts of errors that could actually be fatal, you know, water and wires, that sort of boo boo. Not ideal.

The company fired the electrician in a bid to silence him and keep the powers that be off their site. That’s not really cricket is it? He was basically fired for posting literal NSFW images (LOL). Well, thanks to the internet the pictures are now all over the shop and I expect someone rather senior is going to get an expensive smacked bottom.

Skim through the following slides and grimace:

Danish Health And Safety Metro Electrician - Foot Fall

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