Daniel Bedingfield Gets His Rocks Off In 60 Seconds

Good luck tryin’ to get through this…

Daniel Bedingfield is famous for that quite good song “Gotta Get Through This” and loads of other shit ones. If anyone has missed him (which is doubtful) he’s back. Yes, and to celebrate his return to peoples ears Daniel has decided it would be best to release a single that lasts just 60 seconds. Now this will be good news to anyone who hates the sound of the Bedingfield, one minute is enough to nip the toilet and wash your hands and the agony will be over.

As to why it’s only 60 seconds in length is anyone’s guess — gimmick? Well possibly – the 60 second time limit of the song is mentioned everywhere on the net, so it’s doing him some good. So the song, well it’s a load of old tat, it’s basically what Rocks by Primal Scream would sound like if Bob Geldof had wrote it whilst listening to Hollaback Girl. Lazy lyrics and annoying vocals make it an instant forgettable track with no substance. It’s trying to be sleazy but just sounds like that bullshitting mate of yours who reckons he’s nailed more women than Ron Jeremy.

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The lyrics include “I see you’re trying to get my socks off, you just wanna get your rocks off. I see you’re trying to get my socks off, you just wanna get your rocks off!” well I say include, that’s pretty much it.

The video has the disillusioned Daniel Bedingfield banging his bath and singing. You would think this was bad enough but no, he goes on to escape women attempting to rip his clothes off whilst he bangs drums and plays a keyboard, probably the same method used to write the song, minus the women. He’s managed to stretch the video to about two minutes, which is basically Bedingfield getting his clothes ripped off to no music.

Diehard Bedingfield fans may get some enjoyment from this track, but after an absence from the music scene for so long, you’d expect something at least a little catchy, which this is not. 2/10.


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