People Are Risking Their Lives With This Dangerous New Sex Trend


Most people are smart enough to know how to practice safe sex and, more importantly, why it’s essential. No one wants unplanned pregnancies or sexually transmitted diseases, right?

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Clearly this idea is not obvious to everyone though, as a new study published in the Columbia Journal of Gender and Law has discovered a new sexual trend called ‘stealthing’. This is where the man wearing a condom will secretly remove it while having sex with someone without consent. Brutal stuff.

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The study’s author, Alexandra Brodsky, spoke to the victims of stealthing and what the dangers of performing this act are. A woman named Rebecca said:

None of it worried him. It didn’t perturb him. My potential pregnancy, my potential STI, that was my burden.

Another victim said:

The harm mostly had to do with trust. He saw the risk as zero for himself and took no interest in what it might be for me and from a friend and sexual partner. That hurt.

And worst case scenario, there is the risk of spreading life-threatening diseases such as HIV.

Not only does this have very serious implications regarding both partners’ health, but it can also land the man in jail. In Switzerland a man was recently convicted of rape after ‘stealthing’ a woman. Alexandra is now calling on the law to recognise this as a crime of sexual violence.

I am happy to say that I don’t know anyone dumb and sadistic enough to ‘stealth’ someone, but it’s still an absolute shocker that there are people out there who think this is a good idea. It puts both people at risk and it’s just unbelievable that this is now a trend. Hopefully any women who become victims of this crime tell the police so that more awareness is raised.

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