Dancer’s Routine Goes Horribly Wrong After She Shits Herself Mid-Twerk (VIDEO)

Woman poo twerk fail


The woman in the video below will think twice next times she’s shaking her ass in every direction, as she got caught on camera shitting herself mid-twerk.

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She couldn’t have been wearing worse clothes for the situation – a pair of white panties and white sheer tights. She starts off by shaking her butt and grinding up and down, but as she gets more vigorous, you can see that she was obviously too relaxed as she starts to let rip. You can actually see the shit seeping through her white clothing. Too grimy.

Some people are probably going to say that this is fake, but firstly why would you fake something like that? Also, you can hear the camera person laughing in the background, so they were blatantly the culprit who uploaded it online.

That is utterly repugnant and I hope I never see anything like that occur in a nightclub – that would be enough to leave me with PTSD.

Let’s hope Amber Rose never does anything like that when she twerks for her son.


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