The Real World according to Dalston has finally arrived.

So you probably already saw this yesterday, or maybe you’re living under a rock or not on twitter or something so maybe you missed it going viral or whatever. Anyway, it was a pretty big deal yesterday and we kind of dropped the ball because Vice sent us an email telling us about it before anyone knew about it (srsly!!! Get us huh!?) but I was too busy working/sleeping and everyone else was in Amsterdam so we couldn’t get it up until today. But here it is, Dalston Superstars in all its glory.

You might remember The Only Way Is Dalston audition in Vice from a month or so ago which again sent the internet crazy and to be fair was pretty funny if you hadn’t seen Nathan Barley. Well Vice filmed a trailer pretty much straight away and boom, now here’s the first episode except it’s been renamed Dalston Superstars, probably to avoid any legal issues. Everyone seems to be going crazy on the internet trying to figure out if it’s real or fake, what do you think?

I’m pretty sure it’s fake or at least like a SATIRE of the people who are actually in it, as you can kinda assume they’re real people as some internet lurking shows you that they actually have pretty extensive blogs that probably aren’t faked, so they’re probably just playing up to the stereotypes assumed of them. And boy do they do it well. When it’s this funny/dumb who cares if it’s real or fake?

There are some great lines in it like ‘My dad’s a producer on Malcolm in the Middle,’ ‘Tumblr is really inspiring, yeah,’ ‘This is definitely a hashtag fail,’ ‘lamagen is kinda like a food trend. In that it’s like a fashion trend but with food instead of fashion’ and ‘I don’t know whether it was the weed or the poppers but we passed out.’ All the usual Dalston hip hang outs are included too, you know like the Rio and Efes and some Turkish kebab place. It’s definitely realistic, even if it isn’t real and everyone in East London knows people like the gang in it. Hell, most people watching it probably ARE the gang in it. The real life Dalston superstars. Probably just bitter that Vice didn’t pick them to star in it so are reduced to questioning its validity via twitter. That’s pretty Dalston of you right there, but seriously, funny/fascinating/cool (?) as it is, would you actually WANT to star in it?

Anyway it’s pretty jokes, check it out below. Although maybe it isn’t that funny if you don’t live in East London.



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