This Man’s Sandwich Has Really Angered The Internet


One of our reader confessions last week involved a story about someone’s housemate eating peanut butter & salami sandwiches every day, but as gross as that sounds, it doesn’t compare to this sandwich Tweeted out by Nascar driver Dale Earnhardt Jr last night.

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The guy’s favourite sandwich consists of two slices of bread, bananas (sliced sideways like an absolute psychopath) and mayonnaise:

Let’s just say people weren’t really feeling it:

The real question is — is Dale Earnhardt Jr for real or is this some kind of latent April Fool’s troll job? Surely there can’t be anyone out there who actually eats banana & mayonnaise sandwiches… right?

Then again, we do live in a world where the most expensive sandwich on the planet costs $2.8 million. So I guess anything’s possible.


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