Daft Punk Album Trailer Premiers At Coachella

Daft Punk

Daft Punk premiered an album teaser at Coachella yesterday and predictably it’s an absolute banger and everyone is going crazy over it.

Daft Punk

Coachella is happening over in the States right now and what would be a better venue for Daft Punk to premier their new album trailer than at the hippest festival in hipster history? So that’s exactly what they did, showing this cool little video that features about a minute and a half of songs and Daft Punk dancing around with Pharell Williams and Nile Rodgers. The video also revealed that the following artists would also be appearing on the record in a bunch of collaborations, which is pretty exciting huh: the Strokes’ Julian Casablancas, Animal Collective’s Panda Bear, Pharrell, Paul Williams, Nile Rodgers, Giorgio Moroder, Chilly Gonzales, DJ Falcon, and Todd Edwards.

The song itself is pretty cool and probably has everyone even more excited for the record than they already were, if that’s possible because it seems like the hype machine is working overtime on this release and people just can’t stop getting enough of it. I hope it leaks soon so we can all listen to it on repeat and dance around our bedrooms. The record drops on May 21st and it’s called Random Access Memories. If you can’t wait that long and it doesn’t leak then maybe try and get tickets to the album’s launch party, which for some reason is taking place at a farm festival in the middle of nowhere in Australia because Daft Punk just do whatever the hell they want.

Check out the trailer tomorrow and let us know just how excited you are for it:

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