A Bunch Of Dads Got Super Stoned And Gave Their Kids Hilarious Life Advice

Stoned Dad

‘Always be confident around women – chances are their vagina looks like a roast beef sandwich.’

The team that was behind ‘Grandmas Smoking Weed For The First Time‘ have returned with a new instalment entitled ‘Dabs for Dads’.

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As you might expect, it involved a bunch of dads getting really really baked and then attempting to impart some sage advice for their kids. As you might also expect it descended into a bunch of completely ridiculous statements and the giggles, but that really is what you expect from this sort of exercise so we’re not complaining?

Wow. That shit sandwich one is probably my favourite one, or the one about not getting high before going to maths class, or the one about spilled milk – I wish my dad had given me some of that advice. Especially the maths class one.

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