Dad Filmed Running Kid’s Teacher Through The School Entrance In Road Rage Outburst

Dad teacher car

School’s out.

A dad has been jailed for 10 months after he was filmed knocking down a teacher and almost hitting two children during a road rage outburst.

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Rainier Schoeman, 22, was refused entry through the school gate after Winston Churchill School in Woking had written to parents asking them not to drop their children off in the school grounds.

But Schoeman was having none of this and instead of listening to teacher Gareth McCarthy’s instructions, he decided to simply run into McCarthy, driving him a short distance on his bonnet before he fell off.

I know it’s not meant to be funny, but you can’t deny the slapstick value of watching that teacher being whisked away on the bonnet of a car. I bet there were hundreds of kids Snapchatting the crap out of that.

Still, it’s not cool of him to put people’s lives in danger – including his 9-year-old kid who was in the back – and Schoeman was sentenced to 10 months in jail. That’s a pretty damn hefty sentence, but I guess he did put people’s lives at risk. Hopefully it’ll be the last time he acts before thinking.

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