This Dad Ruined His Son’s Life In The Worst Way Possible

Blood isn’t always thicker than water.

This might be one of the most brutal submissions I’ve ever seen over in Reddit’s TIFU forum — where people share stories about times they’ve colossally fucked up.

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It’s just a devastating state of affairs all round with no happy ending to cap it off either.

In the man’s own words:

My son has been in college since last fall. Last November, my 16 year old stepdaughter brought up allegations that my son had abused her repeatedly for several years. I confronted my son and he categorically denied it. But I knew that even though he was my son, I could not defend him for such an awful act.

My wife and I reported him to the authorities. My son was arrested in December and held in prison for a several weeks because I refused to provide him bail money. He was eventually expelled from his Ivy League college.

In the middle of January, my stepdaughter broke down and admitted she lied about everything. She had actually been having sex with her boyfriend and was scared the news would reach us.

The charges were dismissed and my son was released immediately but the damage was done. His first girlfriend from college ended things with him. The news spread about the allegations and all his childhood friends have decided to just stay away from him even though I called each and every one of them personally.

I have called the school and explained the situation and even though they sympathized, they said he needed to reapply for the next school year and go through the admissions process again.

My son is understandably furious at us. He has moved back home and refuses to talk to me at all. Both my wife and I have apologized to him repeatedly. We have banned my stepdaughter from our home permanently and she has been sent to live with her father in another state. My wife and I also agreed to completely disinherit her from our wills. It has been a very painful situation. All of us started therapy.

The realization of how badly I ruined my son’s life hit me when I picked up his first prescription of anti-depressants today. I bawled my eyes out in my car.

He is the pride and joy of my life. He is outgoing, funny, intelligent and the kindest person I know. But when I handed him his medication, I could not even recognize him. He locks himself in his room, does not eat properly and has lost several pounds so far.

Whenever I try talking to him, I just see the hate he has for me in his eyes. I don’t know if I can ever get him to love me again.

I know he is on Reddit very often. T, if you are reading, I want to tell you again how sorry your stepmom and I are. I promise I will get you into college again. I know I can’t get you back the year you lost. But I will do everything in my power to make this right. Everything I have has always been for you. I hope you will give me a chance to fix this. I love you so much it hurts. I failed as a father and I hope one day you will forgive me.

TL;DR I played a part in getting my own son getting falsely arrested and expelled

Pretty bonkers how he took his stepdaughter’s word for it without any evidence to back up what she was saying at all. At the same time, what’s he supposed to do? All allegations of sexual assault need to be taken seriously after all. Just a step way, way too far calling the police on your son and having him locked up without looking into things further for yourself.

Still, at least he fully recognises he’s fucked up and is making the effort to make it up to his son as much as possible. Here’s hoping the boy can one day find it in himself to forgive him and they can both move forward with their lives.

At least this dad who nearly decapitated his son with a manhole cover did it completely by accident… I think.


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