This Dad’s Reaction To Finding Out His Son Is Having A Baby Is Absolutely Savage

Savage Reaction Finding Out Kid Pregnant

Tough love.

Normally receiving the news that you’re going to be a grandfather is probably some of the best that you’ll ever here. But if you’re son is a deadbeat dad who already has three daughters that he can’t look after who still lives at your house with no job, then you probably aren’t going to be too thrilled to hear that he might be having another one with some girl he barely knows.

Even so, I’m not sure if it’s deserving of the roasting that this guy receives from his dad upon hearing that one of his girlfriends might be pregnant. It is a grade A diss that shows no signs of stopping and just gets better and better. Even at the end of the video it looks like he’s gonna be ready for another earful.

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Ouch. That kid done got told there son. To be fair to the father (the older father) though, he’s 100% right – you can’t really be running around town banging girls left right and centre when you can’t even support the three daughters you got. Ain’t nothing cool about being a deadbeat dad homie. Sort that shit out.

Respect to that kid’s daddy (love the way he kept calling him daddy) for telling it like it is and ripping him a new one. For more dads teaching their kids how to be men, click here.


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