Dad Gets Pounded To Hell And Back After Trying To Stop Bullying Attacking His Daughter (VIDEO)

These kids are the absolute worst.

From all the shit-talking going on in this video we can gather that this dad was trying to save his son from a school bully beat-down, and accidentally hit a young girl in the process.

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It was pretty much game over after that:

Man, that’s pretty infuriating. How can you not feel bad for the dad after that? The guy was just trying to do the right thing and protect his kid, and he looks pretty capable what with those bulging dad muscles. I don’t think anyone expected him to leave this showdown looking like he’d just been in a warzone but that’s exactly what happened. At the end of the day though, he sacrificed his own pride and physical well-being to save his son’s butt and that’s what matters.

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