Dad Drives Over 100 Miles To Take Kids To Binley Mega Chippy But It’s Closed



It’s been a few weeks since the Binley Mega Chippy went viral due to some dumb song on TikTok and the place was absolutely inundated with visitors from far and wide, but I kind of thought the fuss had probably died down by now.

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Turns out I was wrong though, as illustrated by the tragic story of Simon Harris from Essex. He was desperate to sample the delights of Binley Mega Chippy and so decided to travel the 120 miles from his home to Coventry with his four children on a little road trip.

Unfortunately for him, when he rocked up at the iconic venue it wasn’t even open. What a waste of a journey. It was made even worse by the fact that he had checked the opening times beforehand and it was supposed to be in full working order at the time he arrived. Bunch of wastemen.

Here’s what he had to say about his experience:

The kids were more excited than I was to go to the chippy.

Luke and Emma love watching TikTok videos.

I save a lot of videos for them to watch.

There was one point where you couldn’t move for Binley Mega Chippy videos with that catchy tune.

They were all singing the song.

I was quite weary about the cars and car meets there, I’ve seen videos on TikTok of people doing burnouts and I wanted to get there early in the day before it closed.

We checked online and saw that it was supposed to be open, but when we turned up on the Sunday nobody was there!

To be fair I was just glad we were there.

I was glad the kids took it so well, it was great to be there and get a couple of pics of it.

The owner came out and thanked us for the support and was in disbelief over the popularity the place has got.

It was a little bit disappointing.

We ended up walking around there and having giant pizzas so it wasn’t a wasted journey.

To be fair giant pizzas probably do sound better than anything that the Binley Mega Chippy can offer, but it’s kind of snaky of them to advertise being open on Sunday and then just not show up. Do they not realise that everyone in the country wants to visit their establishment and that there’s a serious opportunity to make a lot of money here?

We also don’t want to hear any more heartbreaking stories like Simon’s in the future so please sort it out guys. You’re not doing your reputation any favours, although in fairness to the guys I am surprised that people are still talking about it now. These things normally only last around 24 hours.

For more of the same, check out this other Mega Chippy in Huddersfield. Maybe that would be open if Simon decided to visit?



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