REVEALED: The Creepiest And Most Sinister Photos Uncovered By Google Maps

Two of these images even led to murder investigations.

Google Maps’ Street View is a very useful tool for most people who need to find places, but it can also reveal some pretty dark and disturbing sites. It makes sense – the world is a messed up place at times, and it is only inevitable that the Google car picks up some rather bizarre situations.

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Here is a round up of some of the creepiest ones spotted recently by the online community:


The picture below led to a murder probe, although it turned out to be an innocent image of a dog and his owner (although you can’t deny it does look like blood):

Dog Google Google 1 Google 2

The one below looks pretty innocent, until you see the close up and realise that it appears the man has wet himself:

Wet Wet 1

Google 4

Just a normal day in Japan:

Google 5 Google 6 Google 7 Google 8 Google 9

The world is a weird place, although I think we already knew that. Speaking of which, why not take a look inside Mexico’s Island of Dolls – one of the creepiest places on earth.


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