Everyone who was desperate to hear New Noise live over the past 13 years should have just gone to see Crazy Town!

So as I predicted yesterday, Refused got announced for Groezrock today. What a surprise. I bought my ticket today as well. Man is that festival gonna rule. Not because I get to see Refused on a humongous stage with 50,000 other people, but because I get to see my favourite band of all time Bigwig for the first time. And some other cool bands like Banquets, The Menzingers, Lagwagon and um Alkaline Trio (?).

Anyway, this video has been doing the rounds but it doesn’t make it any less hilarious or relevant. Remember those guys Crazy Town? With the song about the Butterfly that was a big hit in maybe 2003? I think the thing about Crazy Town that nobody realised was that Butterfly was actually just their ‘slow jam’  – a la ‘Outside’ (Staind) or ‘Blurry’ (Puddle of Mudd) or Re-arranged (Limp Bizkit) or Drive (Incubus) – that every nu-metal band had to have back then because the majors said they had to have one in order to make their records commercially viable and that IN FACT Crazy Town were actually a nu-metal band. Or at least rap/rock, which I think was a genre back then.

The crazy thing was though that Crazy Town’s slow jam actually became a massive hit somehow and everyone just assumed they were some kind of weird RHCP kind of band with no other songs because none of their other songs got radio/TV time because they were terrible. Or at least I assume they were, I’ve never actually heard of them.

But yeah it looks like in an attempt to gain some credibility in the nu-metal/hardcore/juggalo scene Crazy Town started playing a really terrible cover of New Noise at their live shows that is about 2 minutes long and features some of the worst screams I’ve ever heard from their singer Shifty Shellshock. Yeah, that was his real name. If their real music featured screams as crap as the ones in this video, it’s not really surprising that Butterfly is, was, and forever will be the only song anyone has ever heard by them.

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