Crazy Redneck Woman Pulls A Gun On A Pro Wrestler During A Show When He Dissed Her

Patricia Van Crowe


Over in LaFayette, Louisiana wrestling got a little too real over the weekend when a 59 year old woman named Patricia Anne Crowe decided to pull a gun on star bad guy Paul Lee after he told her to ‘sit her toothless old self down’.

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Brutal putdown sure, but no need to jump in the ring and try to shoot the guy, right? I probably would have just told her she looked like Louis Van Gaal if I was gonna diss her, although that might actually be a bigger cuss.

Lee (who you can see in action below) describes the incident in his own words:

I was having a match with Iron Mann where I had him tied up and was beating him with a chair.

I got on the mic and was dissing the crowd a bit and then this lady jumps up with a knife, cuts him loose, and then pulled a loaded gun on me.

She had that thing loaded with one in the chamber and the safety off. All it would have taken was for her to get shaky with that thing and it could have fired.

She’s been to several shows over the years off and on and should have known what was going on but she was acting like a nut Saturday night.

Paul Lee

The cops told me that she said, ‘he was talking mean to me, and I got mad. I guess I just let my temper get the best of me and I pulled my pistol on him’. It’s scary.

We’ve done fraternity shows at colleges and stuff before where drunk college kids will try to run into the ring or something, but nothing like this.

In about 1992, at another location, we were doing a show and I got stabbed by about a six-inch blade by a fan. Fans usually don’t get involved though, they usually just watch.

The sheriff’s office called me to let me know they let her out Monday on a $4,000 bond.

I think it should have been a higher bond than that. She pulled a gun on me in front of kids and everything….it was just crazy.

We’re going to be installing metal detectors at the entrances. We’ve already got ‘em picked up and will have them installed before the next show.

The way the world is today, things happen at movie theatres and malls….you have to take extreme measures to protect fans. We’ll have the metal detectors right at the doors when you come in.

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Well that is an extreme measure but I don’t really blame the guy. Imagine just trying to do your job – when your job is actually to be mean to someone and get them to boo you and they should be in on that too – and then you get a fucking gun pulled on you. Not cool, and I agree she probably should have been locked up for longer too.

I know wrestlers always get a lot of stick for it not being real and fans are always fairly adamant in their defence of it, but geez this is taking it to a whole other level of insanity, and from an old woman who really should know better. Crazy.

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