The Craziest Sports Fan Ever – Dumbest American NFL Fan Has The Most Ridiculous Celebrations Ever

Craziest Sports Fan Ever

I’ve watched a lot of sport and seen a lot of people celebrating but i don’t think I have ever seen reactions as ridiculous as this American NFL fan during the Ravens V Broncos game over the weekend.

Ok so I’m not American so I probably don’t REALLY understand NFL like an American does, even though I kinda halfheartedly get into it every year around this time because the playoffs are actually really exciting as opposed to the rest of the season which is just kind of boring and meh. I was getting really into it over the weekend because the Ravens V Broncos game was completely sick but even though I was really excited by it and watching it pretty intently, my buddy Will Ashworth made the point that you probably couldn’t really ‘get’ NFL unless you had grown up surrounded by it in your culture as it’s just really alien to most people from the UK.

I didn’t really agree with him at the time – I guess because I wanted to think I was cooler than him because I liked NFL more than him or something (probably still cooler than him irregardless of this fact) – but after seeing this video I get exactly what he means. I’m sure that when I’ve been watching Birmingham City play some matches in the past my reactions have at least been similar to this dude’s (one time when Stern John equalised with the last kick of the match against Villa I went apeshit) but I think that’s where the similarities end because there is no way I did anything anywhere near as ridiculous as this guy in these videos when Birmingham have ever done anything good.

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There’s three clips of him at various points in the game and his reactions (I keep saying reactions because I’m not even sure if you can call them celebrations due to their completely bizarre nature) are just completely off the wall and insane. He’s screaming, rolling around on the floor, screaming some more, running into the kitchen, throwing stuff around, praying and also crying and doing some kind of cry moan thing where he sobs and says phrases over and over again.  His high pitched grating shriek wouldn’t even sound right if it was coming out of the mouth of a 9 year old so the fact it’s coming from a 40 year old guy is just mindblowing. And it’s definitely a shriek, there is no better way to describe it.  It’s hard to believe that he isn’t faking this to be honest but his family seem so nonplussed about them happening that they must be used to it.

At one point (in the 3rd video) his daughter even asks him if he’s happy or what because he’s being so weird after the Ravens just made an interception (this is a good thing – at least for this fan – for the non NFL speaking of you out there) which sort of sums up how nonsensical he is being with his celebrations. My favourite video is probably the second one where he starts crying and says he can’t take it anymore over and over again (this was when the Ravens tied the game with the last play of the match – pretty sick drama) and then gets a phone call from his dad and just tells him he can’t take it any more for about a minute straight whilst sobbing. It rules.

My favourtie part of all these videos though was when I thought about it for a little longer and realised that this guy is probably one of THE BIGGEST Ravens fans out there. I know the game was in Denver so he probably couldn’t have gone to it but you think he might have got together with some of his friends at a bar or a party to watch the game rather than sitting in his lounge in his Ravens shirt and watching it with his family who clearly don’t care about it at all. His wife – who I assume is filming his reactions and plotting putting it up on YouTube later – doesn’t even laugh or say anything during his performance so I assume she’s seen it all before and is probably one of those bitches who absolutely hates it when her husband gets really into sport because she doesn’t get it and just loves to complain when her husband has any form of  fun that doesn’t involve her and cooking food together or eating at a restaurant or going to a garden show or whatever she wants to do so she films him and puts it on YouTube to get back at him.

She clearly DOESN’T enjoy sports or her husband’s behaviour during them so I don’t really understand a) why he doesn’t just leave the house and go somewhere else to watch it or b) how he can still get so into it when nobody around him gives a toss and he knows that his wife is filming it and probably laughing at him or at least shaking her head in disgust. Of course he could probably be doing it deliberately to get a rise out of her so they have some really angry sex later but  I think if I really wanted to enjoy the game I would just rather head out and watch it with my buddies rather than engage in this elaborate performance in the (dis?) comfort of my own home. It’s a weird one.

Anyway check out these videos and marvel at how one man can lose it so hard over sports in the comfort of his own home with his family. It really is something else:

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