Craig David Is Coming To The UK (And Other Concerts)

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Craig David is quite a rage in the UK. He has found a large number of fans on both sides of the Pacific. Over all these years, he has churned out some memorable hits. People still hum ‘7 Days’, a song sung by the artiste in 2000. The song is quite fresh in the memory of the fans even after a gap of 2 decades. You just cannot keep yourself away from the song after you have listened to it once or twice. It is just magical, to say the least.

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That is certainly not all, the Englishman has churned out some earth-shattering hits over the years. He is known for his ability to churn out one hit after the other. Fans love him for his quirkiness. He is coming to perform in the UK this summer. So, you need to make sure that you get your Craig David concert tickets booked. If you call yourself a die-hard fan of the artiste, then you just have to attend the concert. No ifs and buts, please. 

Look at some of the top songs he has sung over all these years:

This Is The Girl: This one is from the album of the same name. The album got released in 2007 and the title song of the studio album garnered quite a lot of acclaim from fans and critics alike. He is known for churning some ‘experimental’ hits, and this was one of them. You cannot stay away from this song of his. It’s quite infectious. The song brings to light the artiste’s feelings for the girl he loves. He also throws light on the busy schedule (stage performances and all), but reiterates time and again that he loves her. Listen to the song if you haven’t listened to it yet. 

Fill Me In: one of the most intimate songs you will ever get to listen. This ones for all of the lover boys out there. You will love this song because of its catchy tunes and lyrics. Do watch the video as well if you get a chance. The song deals with wine, girls, kissing and caressing. Wow, that has got you going, hasn’t it? You will love every second of it. It is one of the songs you can listen to while you are all alone in your car. It’ll definitely make you feel a bit naughty. 


Well, here is another one of his all time hits. You will love this song simply because it’s tailor-made for the youngsters. Even if you aren’t a youngster, you will feel a sense of nostalgia the moment you play the song. The first line of the song goes as follows:” Six o’clock in the morning, wipe the sleep from my eyes”. It certainly was no ordinary day when he recorded the song because it turned out to be a major hit. In case you haven’t listened to the song, then give it a try because it is completely worth it. You will love it.

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Get your tickets booked because they are selling out fast. You cannot afford to miss out on all the fun and frolic. The UK is hosting some of the topmost and most-celebrated music artistes. Make sure you are there to enjoy it. 

Get your tickets before the stocks run dry. Ask your friends around if you are confused. 


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