Craig Charles Has Been Banging Crack Since Charlie Sheen Was In Nappies

Charlie Sheen stole his entire act from Liverpool’s own Craig Charles, and did a much worse job of it!

As a human being with eyes and access to the internet I’ve noticed a lot of talk about Charlie Sheen’s “media breakdown” in the news lately – this website being no exception.

But for those of you sick of Sheen I’d like to point out that all of this Tiger Blood bullcrap is just a new name for an old game – the game of the UK’s very own Craig Charles!

Sickest Haircut in Science Fiction

A big part of growing up in the 90s is being able to fondly recall sitting down after dinner in front of the intense remote-controlled mortal combat of Robot Wars; then later on in the evening watching in awe at how cool Dave Lister managed to be despite living on a spaceship devoid of any female contact.

I’d now like to take those happy childhood memories and shit all over them.

In 2006 (a good five years before Charlie Sheen even poked his head out of his ass long enough to ask for a $1.5 million payrise) an undercover reporter for the Daily Mirror joined Craig Charles one friday on the taxi journey home after he clocked off from the set of Corination Street.

What entailed was a man purchasing 9 seperate hardcore porno magazines (at one point complaining because one of them wasnt in English) and managing to smoke 60 crack pipes in the duration of a 4 hour cab journey. To save you doing the math thats one crack pipe every 4 minutes.

I dont know if any of you lovely readers have ever tried smoking crack but I’d say a pipe every 4 minutes is a pretty mean feat and I’d like to see Charlie Sheen do better than that!

Following the predictable public apology in which Charles admitted to having spent £250,000 on crack, these hilarious pictures were released, leaving no doubt as to who the real ‘winner’ is:

Bangin some 7 gram rocks

Charles Winning in the back of the cab



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