This Crackhead Spouting Nonsense Is The Best Advert Not To Do Drugs Ever


‘My dog is Elon Musk.’

From pretty much as soon as we’re alive, we have it drilled into our heads that it’s a really bad idea to do drugs and we definitely shouldn’t try them under any circumstances – but most of us tend to flaunt these ideas and give them a shot anyway.

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However, unless you’re an idiot there are definitely enough warning signs out there to try and avoid the ones that are really going to screw up your life like crack and meth and heroin and here is another one of them. Not really sure where this is other than it sounds like it’s in Australia, but it’s some guy who’s absolutely off his face spouting absolute nonsense about how his dog started a business and is actually Elon Musk.

Try to keep up with his line of thought here:

So is this guy the Lord or the Messiah? And is the Universe his brother? And does he live on a cruise ship or in Australia somewhere?

And who exactly is Elon Musk? His dog, him or the cruise ship?

So many questions although the racism was a bit too much. We shouldn’t laugh because it’s obvious the guy is completely fucked, but some of the stuff he was coming out with really was hilarious. Hope he manages to get the help he needs and turn his life around though, because right now the future really isn’t looking too good for him.

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