British Couple Try To Walk Out Of Greek Restaurant After Thinking ‘All-Inclusive’ Meant Entire Island

Classic Brits abroad.

A British couple who were holidaying on the Greek island of Rhodes tried to walk away from a restaurant without paying the bill, as they thought that ‘all-inclusive’ was applicable to the entire island.

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Yes, after booking the holiday and travelling over, the middle-aged couple genuinely thought they could eat and drink for free anywhere on the island. Although it does sound like a shitty way to get a free meal, according to local paper Dimokratiki, they were being deadly serious – it was a genuine mistake.

The owner of the restaurant, situated on Hippocrates Square, said that the couple tried to walk away, but when they were asked to pay, they showed them their wristbands from the resort.

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The owner had to actually explain to them that the all-inclusive aspect only applied to the place where they were staying. Shockingly, this isn’t even the first time this has happened and the owner has had to explain the concept of all-inclusive to previous guests.

Well, it’s good to know that us Brits are building a good, solid reputation over there… as complete and utter morons. What an embarrassment.

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