This Couple Broke Into Miley Cyrus’s House And Jacked Her $100,000 Maserati

This is the Bonnie and Clyde couple suspected of breaking into Miley Cyrus’s house and making off with her Maserati.

This is the boyfriend and girlfriend who broke into Miley Cyrus’s house last weekend and took off with her jewellery and $100,000 Maserati — 19 year old Tylor Scott and 21 year old Naomi Charles.

Tylor’s already facing another burglary charge in his home of Arizona and police believe he visited his fitness model girlfriend in LA to carry out the Miley robbery.

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Awesome to see a young couple trying to spice things up in their relationship but probably keep it legal next time? Still, that must have been a wild night. Hey maybe they’ll get really famous off this and get their own TV show? The fit vegan fitness model and the… professional… knob head?

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