Filthy Couple Caught Humping Like Rabbits In The Car Park Of A Wiz Khalifa Gig (NSFW)


When the horn takes over.

I’ve never attended a Wiz Khalifa show but if they all end up with people fucking in the car park afterwards then I might have to check him out next time he’s in town.

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There’s no information on whether these guys are a legitimate couple or they just met at the gig and couldn’t wait until they got home. However, what we do know is that they’re full on going at it in the car park underneath what seems to be the only light in the place and they don’t even care who knows about it:

The absolute definition of true love right there, am I right?

Something that is even more fascinating to me than this video though is the fact that so many people drove to a Wiz Khalifa show in the first place. Surely you’d want to be smoking and drinking and getting high all weekend for something like that? Can’t imagine that the gig was an ideal sober event.

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