Couple Rents Out Their Home On Airbnb For Weekend And Return To Find The Aftermath Of A ‘Drug-Induced Orgy’

Here’s the problem with renting your home to complete strangers.

Mark and Star King of Calgary, Canada rented out their home on Airbnb for the weekend only to come back and find condoms everywhere plus $62K (£50,000) worth of damage in what they’re describing as a “drug-induced orgy”.

While they were away they’d received calls from neighbours telling them a massive party bus had shown up to their house carrying 100+ people, plus a fight broke out and there were three noise complaints over the weekend.

Here’s a video of what they came back to:

I guess that’s the thing with renting your house out to complete strangers you literally know nothing about — you’ve got to prepare yourself for the possibility that a party bus is going to show up carrying a bunch of people who are going to piss/shit/jizz all over your house. I’m not sure but I’ll bet Airbnb have some kind of disclaimer/warning about that.

Reminds us of the landlord who returned to a tenant’s house after 3 years and found THIS waiting for him.


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