Couple Of Parrots Getting Down To Some Rap Music


What do you expect two parrots who are chilling on their branch at the zoo to do when a couple of dudes rock up and start blasting rap music right at them? They get down to funky town, obviously.


We’ve been loving the animals this week as I’m sure you’ve all seen. We’ve had cats on treadmills, whip scorpion spiders, hyenas eating out of elephant’s asses, and now a couple of parrots getting down to some rap music in the zoo.

These two parrots are perched on their branch in their zoo just chilling out thinking about what they’re going to get up to at the weekend, discussing the new bird feed that the zoo keeper’s been feeding them, contemplating on life and what not, when two dudes roll up and start blasting some Waka Flocka Flame on their mobiles right in the middle of the birds’ chill zone. I for one don’t know who Waka Flocka Flame are/is, but that’s a pretty outrageous name. Is it something to do with Choccywoccydoodah? God knows. So the dudes roll up and start blasting their tunes right in the vicinity of the parrots and what do the parrots start to do? They get down to funky town, obviously. Check it:

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