A Couple Of Men Urinated On A Seat On The Tube And Then A Woman Sat Down On It

Weeing On SeatWeeing On Seat

There are times when we’ve all been forced to urinate in places that aren’t exactly toilets, but even when this is the case it’s always best to do it somewhere discreet that isn’t going to bother anyone.

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Unfortunately, this philosophy clearly isn’t followed by everyone in the world and this is demonstrated in the video below. It features a bunch of youths on the tube – believed to be the Victoria Line on the London Underground – relieving themselves in the middle of the carriage and then on a seat. The video then cuts to  a woman sitting down on said seat that’s covered in urine.


I mean yeah, I’m not sure how much time passed between the guy’s taking a leak and the woman sitting down but surely she would have been able to see that the seat was soaking wet with piss before she sat down on it? Especially as it’s not exactly the only seat in the carriage that she had a choice of sitting down on?

Think it might be kind of a stitch up video to be honest with that in mind, although it doesn’t change the fact that peeing all over the tube carriages is completely disgusting in the first place. Apparently the British Transport Police and The Met have teamed up to bring the perpetrators to justice but not sure how successful that collaboration is going to be. Wait and see.

For more urine, check out a Spurs fan throwing a pint of urine over West Ham supporters. Classic.


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