Couple Make Disturbing Discovery After Setting Up Hidden Camera In House Share


Vomit inducing.

I’ve lived in my fair share of house shares in my time and let’s just say, it’s not a walk in the park. Living with a bunch of strangers soon turns into an “every man for himself” situation.

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A couple over in New Zealand learned this the hard way. After moving into the property to save rent, they started suspecting that their housemates were using their things. 28-year-old Sarah decided to set up a hidden camera to catch the culprits – what they discovered was utterly rancid. As well as finding her female housemate using her beauty products, the video shows one of the guys using her toothbrush to clean his dick:

Grimy. It definitely makes you think twice about your privacy when sharing a house with people that you don’t really know.

Apparently the couple confronted the toothbrush guy, although he tried to deny the whole thing. It’s not known what happened after the encounter, although I’m guessing they moved out. For more nightmare tenants, click HERE.


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