CCTV Footage Catches Couple Performing Obscene Sex Act As They Order Domino’s Pizza

Sex In Domino's

When the thought of pizza makes you horny as hell.

I’ll happily admit that I get pretty excited when I order a Domino’s pizza because I know it’s going to be delicious, but I don’t think I would ever get so excited that I had to have sex right there and then in the pizza shop.

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The same can’t be said for this guy from Scarborough though. Whilst ordering his Domino’s on Saturday night, he got the horn massively, and as such his girlfriend decided to give him a blow job in the corner where nobody was watching – except for the security cameras of course. When that was all finished, he pulled her pants down and entered her from behind whilst she was ordering extra toppings.

It’s absolutely outrageous behaviour, to put it lightly:

Lol. What a pair of horny idiots.

The woman who was filmed in the video has allegedly come forward on Twitter and said the following, not really being too bothered that everyone knows she had sex in a Domino’s Pizza:

If your trying to tell me ya av never got a bit frisky in a random or public place then ya fucking boring haha.

Everyone’s been ringing us thinking we would be mortified we both just laughed worse things happening in the world than him getting blown off in dominos hahaha.

Rule number 1 never waste ya boyfriends boner and always opt for stuffed crust.

The staff just laughed and told us to behave.

I guess the grammar and mentality fits the profile of someone who would do something like that. Fair play though – at least they’re not moaning about it and taking full responsibility for their actions. If you’re going to do it then you’ve got to embrace the consequences.

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