BBC Presenter’s Olympic Coverage Got Interrupted By A Couple Having Sex (VIDEO)

Sex Beach Olympics

“They’re just reading a book.”

The BBC’s Olympic coverage has been pretty much exemplary as usual, but they really smashed it out of the park here as they near its end by featuring a couple having sex on the beach behind presenter Dan Walker.

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Walker was alerted to what was going on in the background via social media, and awkwardly tried to talk his way around it, claiming that they were reading a book. Sure Dan.

This particular edit is pretty funny because it replays the incident a couple of times, zooming in ever closer on the couple each time. Don’t really get to see what they’re up to but it’s pretty obvious.

Yeah, they’re not reading a book mate, pull the other one. Ballsy move having sex on the beach at that time though, although I suppose it’s par for the course over in Rio De Janeiro isn’t it? Motherfuckers do what they want.

For more sex in public places, check out these two going at it on a busy subway platform in Barcelona.


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