A Couple Were Caught Brazenly Having Sex At A Beauty Spot On Hottest Day Of The Year


Lockdown restrictions have been slightly lifted, but unfortunately for most people this means that they think it’s OK to head out to the park and sit with all their mates and have a bunch of tinnies with their mates and for some people it means heading over to the nearest beauty spot and going at it like jackrabbits in the middle of the day.

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This was the scene that passersby were met with ay Plymouth Hoe (lol) around 7:30pm as a couple headed to the beauty spot and proceeded to bone like they had never boned before. Here’s what one witness said about it (apparently there’s a video floating around somewhere but I haven’t been able to find it):

There was a couple absolutely hammering at it with no subtlety whatsoever.

Chocolate button out, the lot!

They were at it shamelessly for a good 15 minutes.

The guy kept looking over her shoulder in our direction and that of anyone walking past.

Chocolate button out? Never heard that one before but it sounds like these guys were suitably distressed and disturbed by what they saw in front of them, so much so that they notified the police.

Not sure what happened after that, but I guess the damage had already been done. I suppose you’ve gotta let people off when they’ve been cooped up indoors for so long, right? Live a little.

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