This Couple Who Did A Maternity Photoshoot With Their Cat Are The Absolute Worst

Lock them up and throw away the key.

People who refer to themselves as “cat mummy” or “puppy parent” are generally people you should stay away from. For some people it’s such a big part of their identity that they make sure you’re fully aware of it on Facebook/Twitter/etc. Very disturbing if you ask me.

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However I’m not sure I’ve ever seen the ‘animal parent’ thing taken this far before. Meet Lucy Shultz and her partner Steven who posted an entire maternity photo shoot of themselves with their cat on Facebook.

Get a load of this:

Cats being ‘born’ out of human vaginas? Cats sucking on human titty milk? Disgusting. Lock these two up and throw away the key. I mean how are Buzzfeed, Daily Mail etc posting these images without a NSFL warning? Very irresponsible.

Not sure if Lucy and Steven were doing this for the lolz or because they’re actually weirdly obsessed with their cat but either way, this better not become the new trend amongst cat mums and dads everywhere.

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