Country Star Chase Rice Performed To 4000 People Without Masks On In Tennessee

Good idea.

Full disclosure – I have absolutely no idea who Chase Rice is or how he can perform to 4000 people, but I guess that’s just country music in a nutshell for you isn’t it? People that nobody outside of country music fans have ever heard of being inexplicably absolutely massive.

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Anyway, now we got the whole issue of who Chase Rice is outta the way, we need to talk about what he was up to over the weekend, where he decided to play a concert in front of 4000 people in Tennessee. Of course, none of them socially distanced or wore masks and just boogied on down to Chase’s songs – or whatever you do at a country music concert:

Seems like you just sing along. Anyway, I guess we’ve reached the stage of Coronavirus where nobody really cares about it anymore, even though cases are through the roof over in America after they opened everything back up again, but it’s still pretty mind-blowing to see everyone heading to a concert like this and I can’t believe that people are even organising them to be honest.

Turns out that a load of people thought similarly to me as well, with many moving to condemn Rice’s irresponsible actions:

That last one is a burn isn’t it? I guess at this point now there’s going to be a huge debate about whether it’s cool to do stuff like this, but I think given the explosion of infections in the US since people started going to bars and clubs again, you’ve really gotta say that we shouldn’t be doing those things. Stay in your own house or meet people outside in the park – it should be obvious.

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