Council Worker Goes Viral After Going The Extra Mile To Fix Broken Pipe

Employee of the month.

This council worker over in Hood County, Texas is getting bigged up across the Internet after literally throwing himself into his work this week.

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23-year-old Jimmie Cox went DEEP into the mud to try clamp a leaking line 5ft down and sort out a burst pipe.

The photo was shared on Twitter and surprisingly went viral:

Way to make the rest of us feel less manly eh? I had some builders round mine not long ago, walking around with their tool kits and drills, fixing up my flat while I looked on helplessly. It was bang out of order.

Still you can’t fail to be impressed by this type of work ethic, even if he didn’t find the offending line after the pipe burst. Full marks for effort though.

For the 90s workplace safety video that watches more like a gory B-movie horror, click HERE.


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