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Cosplay is a cultural phenomenon that consists of dressing up like your favorite movie, cartoon or video game characters.

According to the Huffington Post, the term cosplay was brought to life by Japanese animator Nobuyuki Takahashi after he went to an anime convention in Los Angeles in 1984. He told all his friends in Japan that Americans liked to dress up in cosplay (Costume Play). What followed was an epic revolution of film fantasy, taking dress up to a whole new level.

Besides the friendships made, and awesome party throwing skills you learn through cosplay, it also boosts your creativity. Don’t believe me? Read along and see why you will become a more creative person through cosplay.

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cosplay 2Social Media Buzz

For those in the cosplay world, it could be difficult to get your idea or your costume out there to be noticed with so many forums, Pinterest boards and sites around. That’s where your creativity comes in: being able to write something catchy to get hundreds – or millions – of people to look on that specific page. The more buzz you get, the more recognized you get for your creativity and cosplay genius. You can even find cosplay videos on video sharing sites like

Making Your Own Costume Takes Skill and Creativity

Buying costumes for cosplay could cost you hundreds or thousands of dollars. To save on some dough – not much since supplying costumes, wigs, makeup and accessories can get pricey – some people opt to use their creativity and make their own costumes. See what you can make up when going for that Indiana Jones look or Captain America. Unless you’re hoping to suit up like Iron Man or Batman in his super unique Kevlar, doing it on the cheap is attainable.

Makeup Skills Make You a Better Artist?

Pulling a look together with makeup could take a great amount of skill. Figuring out shadows, creases and applying the perfect amount of eyeliner or shadow could help boost your creative juices. People who are able to draw works of art on their face are likely to be great artists as well. Think of it like your face as the canvas, they are able to create a masterpiece from a few finite objects, just like artists.


Steampunk and cosplay go together like PB&J, pancakes and bacon, soap and water. To become a steampunk, one has to be uber creative and make steampunk jewelry, costumes and accessories.  If you didn’t already know, steampunk consists of Victorian era clothing mixed with the science fiction and fantasy: corsets, velvet, goggles, copper, clocks and cogs.

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A Creative Atmosphere Establishes Creativity

Say that one five times fast! But really, being around creative people helps you become more creative. When creative minds come together, like cosplay conventions, who knows what will happen! There are hundreds of cosplay conventions located around the U.S. for people to dress up to their hearts content: Legend of Zelda, Sailor Moon or the entire cast of “Star Wars.”

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