‘Cosby Show’ Actress Phylicia Rashad Receives Intense Backlash After Celebrating His Release From Prison

Read the room.

I don’t really think anyone can believe that Bill Cosby’s conviction for sexual assault was overturned yesterday considering about 60 different women came forward to tell stories about him drugging them and raping them and I don’t think anyone is too happy about it except for Cosby himself and one of his co-stars on ‘The Cosby Show’ Phylicia Rashad.

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Rashad celebrated Cosby’s release by posting the following in social media, but was quite rightly dragged by anyone with a brain underneath that:

Yeah, I don’t think I’ll ever really understand how someone doesn’t completely and utterly disown someone – even if they’re a close friend – when they discover that they’re an absolutely terrible person who has raped over 60 people. Rashad and Cosby might have been friends but it really is surprising that she’s backing him and not all the women that he’s treated like dirt here. What is wrong with people?

For more of the same, check out Cosby saying that he has no remorse over his actions. What an absolute piece of work.


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