Giant Sculptural Floats Covered In Flowers From Corso Zundert 2013



There’s a small town in the Netherlands called Zundert and every year they have a massive flower parade called the Corso Zundert. The idea is that teams of designers and artisans compete against each other to build the most original moving sculpture/float that is covered in hundreds of dahlia flowers.

That might not sound that enticing but when you check out the intricacy and detail in some of these floats then there really isn’t any way you can help but be impressed. Many of the floats this year actually featured moving parts and the winner –  a float called Crazy Gold – actually featured an impressive 57 moving parts.

There’s a video of Crazy Gold below (you can’t actually see that much of it moving but it still looks dope) and a bunch of pictures of the best floats from the parade below. I think my favourite has to be the one that’s kind of a like a Greek statue falling over on its side or the dog, but there’s no denying that all of them are completely spectacular in terms of their design and just how good they look. Enjoy.

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Corso Zundert 9

Corso Zundert 8

Corso Zundert 7

Corso Zundert 6

Corso Zundert 5

Corso Zundert 4

Corso Zundert 3

Corso Zundert 2

Corso Zundert 1

Corso Zunder t10



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