Corey Feldman Has Now Been Accused Of Sexual Battery

Corey Feldman

Plot twist.

If there was one guy in Hollywood that you thought probably wasn’t going to be accused of sexual misconduct in the current climate, then it was going to be Corey Feldman as he’s been outspoken about this topic and his own experiences for a very long time now.

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Unfortunately though, the truth doesn’t work like that and Corey Feldman is indeed the next Hollywood superstar to be accused of sexual battery. A statement from Officer Sal Ramirez from the LAPD said the following:

We did have somebody file sexual battery report on Monday, and they named Corey Feldman as the suspect.

We are not disclosing any information on who the victim is. But detectives are now investigating, and they will then take their case to the D.A., who will determine if he will be charged, and whether or not a warrant for his arrest will be issued.


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The statement doesn’t mention what Feldman is actually accused of – apparently he grabbed the unknown woman’s buttocks. Feldman himself isn’t having any of it and is vehemently denying all of this, issuing the following statement:

Corey vehemently denies these egregious accusations. It goes against everything he believes in and is fighting for- victim protection and stopping inappropriate behaviour towards both children and adults.

Who knows what the truth in this situation is? I really want Corey Feldman to not be guilty of this considering how he appeared to be heading the charge against this kind of behaviour, but the truth is often stranger than fiction. There’s also the possibility this woman could just be trying to cash in on Feldman’s fame with a fake claim, but if that was the case you would think there are way better targets she could have chosen than Corey. We’ll have to wait and see how this one unfolds.

For more on Corey Feldman and the sexual misconduct charges he’s levelling at everyone, click here. Upsetting stuff.


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