Cops Arrive To Arrest Looters In Los Angeles, Arrest Black Store Owners Instead

You couldn’t make it up.

More and more television clips that are emerging from the current Black Lives Matter protests over in America seem as though they belong more on something like ‘Black Mirror’ or ‘Brass Eye’ rather than the actual news, but sadly this is the state of affairs that reality has now descended into unfortunately.

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The latest video comes courtesy of the team at Fox News over in LA and to say that the caption calling it one of the most insane moments ever captured on live television probably isn’t an understatement. Get a load of this:

I mean how are they getting this so wrong? I get that the point of all these protests are that cops (and most of society) treat black people like shit and are constantly thinking the worst of them, but surely somehow you would think that DURING A RIOT ABOUT IT that they might not just immediately assume that the black people are the criminals and listen to what the people are actually saying to them?

You really gotta despair at seeing stuff like this. Things aren’t gonna get better any time soon but that’s why you gotta share this stuff and educate yourself. Make it happen.

For more of the same, check out this protester stealing a cheesecake yesterday. That’s unbelievable in a good way at least.


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