Convicted Peadophile Rolf Harris Was Thrown Out Of School Grounds Yesterday


Come on man.

If I was a once famous much loved television personality who was convicted of paedophilia, chances are that I would be doing my best to keep a low profile and keep out of the newspapers and definitely doing everything I could to make the nation think that I wasn’t reoffending.

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This isn’t the way that Rolf Harris wants to play it though. 88 year old Harris has recently completed a five and a half year sentence for historic sexual abuse – including that of an 8 year old girl, two of girls in their early teens and a 16 year campaign against one of his daughter’s best friends – but was let out early and spotted yesterday speaking to a sculptor on the grounds of Oldfield Primary School in Bray, Maidenhead.

The headmaster Richard Jarrett called the police and then went out and shook Harris’ hand and tried to keep him in sight until the cops showed up to escort him off the premises. Jarrett said the following:


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He  lives about three doors down from the school and appeared to be interested in speaking to the wood sculptor who was working close to the road.

I went over and shook his hand and introduced myself. He explained what he was doing –that he was getting some wood from the sculptor. I said, ‘You need to go’

He did so without delay. At no time did any of our pupils come into contact with the individual nor was the individual invited by us on to the school grounds.

As a precaution, this incident has been reported to TVP.

The cops did end up questioning him, but no offence was committed – even though there are reports of him waving at children – so he was released without charge. In all honesty it doesn’t sound like he’s done anything wrong this time but Rolf must be aware of the fact that living so close to a school and doing stuff like this is only going to cause trouble. Get it together man and just go live out your final days in the middle of nowhere somewhere where you aren’t bothering anyone. Just an idea.

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