Police Convict Rapist After His Victim Bit His Tongue Off



Rape is absolutely disgusting so it’s great when a story of a woman fighting back and kicking some ass comes to light. Of course, no woman should ever be placed in this situation, but the fact that she beat the shit out of this guy, permanently disfigured him and sent him to prison is awesome.

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The 19-year-old woman was walking home one night in Toulouse when a 24-year-old man followed her into her apartment building before attacking her in the lift. He first demanded sex from her and when she refused he began pulling on her blouse in a sustained sex attack.

At first the woman resisted, but then she allowed the man to kiss her. It was then that she bit his tongue in two, and the guy scuttled off into the night due to his injury.

French Police

When emergency services arrived, they found a lot of blood and some remnants of the victim’s tongue. He was soon tracked down as obviously it wasn’t going to be hard to find a guy with half a tongue at a hospital in Toulouse.

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Investigators matched his DNA to that of the tongue and he was charged with rape. He alleged that the woman was into it and led him on, but that seemed highly doubtful given that she bit his fucking tongue off, and he was sentenced to six years in prison.

What a great story. And how great that it happened in France where they actually commended this act and used it to catch a criminal, rather than somewhere like America where the attacker probably would have sued the woman for biting his tongue off.

That said, stupidity over there works both ways – remember when this woman got arrested because she thought her cocaine was tainted by ebola and took it to the cops to check?


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