Tory Politician Claims That Air Pollution Is ‘Making People Transgender’

Lord Tebbit

You what?

In 2017 it’s safe to say that most people are aware of the transgender community and accept it as a legitimate thing, but there are still a few bigoted outliers that refuse to understand it and will do anything possible to try and make sure that it isn’t recognised as an authentic identity.

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One of these guys is former chair of the Conservative Party Lord Tebbit who at 86 years old has been a staunch opponent of LGBT rights for most of his life. Whilst other people can leave their antiquated views behind, it seems like Tebbit will do anything he can to try and prevent the spread of progressivism, including blaming air pollution for this ‘new phenomenon’ of transgender people:

I cannot recollect any such individuals among my fellow pupils at school, nor in my intake for National Service in 1949, nor so far as I know among my children’s generation at school.

I think it is time we had some research into the extent of the phenomenon both in time and geographical reach.

I do not know if the populations of third world or of urban or of rural societies are more or less affected.

Nor is it known if it is only our species or others living alongside us which have been affected, but that knowledge might point to a trigger such as pollution, which is the belief of some scientists.

I suspect that even to voice such thoughts may bring down coals of fire upon my head, but surely it is knowledge that is more likely than politically correct superstition to lead towards rational policies.

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Right. Not really sure who these scientists who have studied the link between air pollution and transgenderism are, but I sure would like to take a look at their findings if they exist. Betting that they don’t or they’re two bit hacks who aren’t even published though.

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I can’t really understand why this guy can’t comprehend that nobody spoke about being transgender when he was a kid because nobody understood what it meant back then and there was hardly any information about it so people didn’t know what to do about the feelings that they were experiencing. But to try and blame it on air pollution is just another example of the older generation being completely out of touch with reality. Go back in your hole and spout your dumb hate speech somewhere else asshole.

For more air pollution, check out how disgustingly polluted China is. That’s a real air pollution problem.


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