Conor McGregor Reveals His Brutal Training Regime Ahead Of Mayweather Fight

Pushing it to the limit.

It’s only a couple of weeks until Conor McGregor will step into the boxing ring for the first time in his professional career to take on the GOAT Floyd Mayweather and aim to make history by being the first man to ever knock him out. And in order to achieve this goal (or at least have a shot at it) he’s seriously stepped up his training regime.

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McGregor is currently operating out of the UFC’s new elite performance institute in Las Vegas and has been sharing some videos and pictures from his six week boxing only training camp, during which he’s claiming he’s coming on leaps and bounds. The key clips that he’s been sharing you can see below, where he’s jumping high in the air along with a medicine ball, and then throwing one at his movement coach Ido Portal whilst fastened into a hyper extension machine:

That looks pretty intense and pretty goddamn painful, but I suppose you would expect nothing less from a man going into the biggest fight of his life, coming up against what many feel are insurmountable odds. It looks like Conor is at least training to win it, even if so called experts aren’t giving him any chance of winning. It’s not too long until we see it now though and can finally stop talking about it after all these years. Can’t wait.

If you need more hype about it, then click here. There’s literally so much hype about this fight it’s untrue.


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