Conor McGregor Uses Interview To Absolutely Decimate Floyd Mayweather

Conor rant

Just sign the fight already.

The Conor McGregor/Floyd Mayweather narrative continues to roll on, and it seems like whenever either of them is on camera they’re going to take every opportunity to insult each other to try and promote the fight, even if it hasn’t even been signed at this point.

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Saturday night was no exception as Conor showed up to support Irish boxer Michael Conlan. He was his typical rambunctious self, wearing a $15K mink jacket, $30K suit and $50K watch, running his mouth off about Floyd and making several ridiculous claims about how he was going to stop him. He’s going off on one so much it kinda seems like he just racked up a line before each of these interviews, but I think that’s just classic Conor McGregor for you really isn’t it?:

Certainly seems like Conor McGregor is up for it, but maybe he should spend less time running his mouth now and more time actually sorting out the details of the fight so that it actually happens some time soon eh? Just a thought.

Given the fact that even UFC President Dana White thinks that it’s going to happen this year now, it probably actually is. Just hurry up and sort it, plenty of time for trash talk after that.


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