Man Creates Tinder Game That Results In Getting The Girl’s Number 9/10 Times


Absolutely genius.

We all know that it’s pretty hard to get a girl’s attention once you’ve matched them on Tinder so you’ve really go to pull something special out of the bag to actually get anywhere on it. Unfortunately, you’re more likely to end up being a Twat on Tinder or as a Tinder Nightmare with most of your attempts these days.

This guy has got it absolutely down though, with a revolutionary technique that seems to yield results every single time he uses it. The secret: to engage a girl in a game like Connect 4 or Noughts And Crosses and then when you beat them say that because they lost they have to give you their phone number.

As you’ll see from the following slides, 9 time out of 10 it seems to work.

Tinder Connect 4 Game

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